University Regulations

The Secretariat provides a drafting service for all the University’s academic-related regulations by acting as an interface between regulatory aspiration and its articulation and distinguishing between matters that are regulatory and procedural.  The Governance Manager Chairs the University’s Standing Regulations Oversight Group which proposes revisions and amendments to existing regulatory documents and developing new sets of regulations as further awards are added to the University’s Schedule and navigating the passage of sets of regulations through the various stages of the committee approval process; publishing current regulations on the Portal and University website and disseminating them across the institution; arranging for the printing of paper copies and their distribution at enrolment sessions; and maintaining an archive for reference purposes of previous regulations.

The Secretariat is able to provide guidance on the regulations and has produced a guidance manual to the University Regulations.  The Secretariat is also committed to the further development of guidance to other sets of regulations and has produced guidance for the suite of student contention regulations.

On this page you will find electronic copies of the University Regulations.  Copies have been provided in PDF format.  Please contact a member of Secretariat if you have difficulty accessing the documents or if you require a Word version.

University General Regulations

The University General Regulations are for all students currently enrolled on University of Lincoln programmes: they contain information on Academic Offences, Academic Review and Appeals, Fitness to Practise, Complaints and Student Discipline; Academic Fees; use of the Library; Health and Safety and a brief section on Student Created Intellectual Property and a link to the University’s Information Systems and Acceptable Use Policy.

University General Regulations 2016-17

Undergraduate Regulations

The regulations for students enrolled on Undergraduate programmes: they cover details of the Awards of the University, Enrolment and Registration, Assessment, Boards of Examiners, External Examiners and Publication of Results.

In addition to the Undergraduate Regulations, students on the following programmes should also read the relevant section of these Approved Variations: BA (Hons) Accountancy & Finance and BA (Hons) Business & Finance; BSc (Hons) Acupuncture; Bachelor of Architecture with Honours and BA (Hons) Architecture; BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and Masters of Bioscience; BSc (Hons)/MComp Computer Science awards; FdSc Engineering Management; BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine; BA(Hons) Journalism; LLB (Hons) and related joint honours awards; BSc (Hons) Nursing (including Adult and Mental Health pathways); Master of Pharmacy (MPharm); Post Qualifying Practice Programmes; BSc (Hons) Professional Practice; BSc (Hons) Social Work; and dual award arrangements for programmes delivered in association with KDU, Penang, Malaysia.

Undergraduate Regulations 2016-17

Variations to Undergraduate Regulations for 2016-17

Graduate Diploma Variation 2016-17

Postgraduate – Taught Regulations (including Regulations for Erasmus Mundus Masters programmes)

The regulations for students enrolled on Taught Postgraduate programmes – they cover details of the Awards of the University, Admissions, Enrolment and Registration, Assessment, Board of Examiners, External Examiners and publication of results.

Taught Postgraduate Regulations 2016-17

In addition to the Taught Postgraduate Regulations, students on the following programmes should also read the relevant section of these approved Variations: Master of Architecture (MArch); MSc Advanced Professional Practice in Social Work; MSc Advanced Clinical Practice; MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour; Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Higher Education Teaching; MA Journalism; PGCert in Non-Medical Prescribing; Post Qualifying Professional Practice programmes; MSc Social Work; and MSc Specialist Practice Frail Older Adults for Health & Social Care.

Taught Postgraduate Regulations 2016-17 – Approved Variations

A special set of Regulations also govern the Erasmus Mundus Master programmes:

Erasmus Mundus Masters Regulations 2016-17

Postgraduate – Research Regulations (including Professional Doctorate, PhD by Publication, Higher Doctorate and Joint Regulations for Doctorate of Clinical Psychology) 
The regulations for students enrolled on Research Postgraduate programmes (Masters by Research, MPhil or PhD) start with an overview of each programme type: MA/MSc by Research, MPhil and PhD, PhD by Published Work and MA/MSc by Practice-Based Research, MPhil by Practice, PhD by Practice. They also cover Enrolment, Progression, Supervision, Transfer of Enrolment from MPhil to PhD, Examinations, Examiners and the Thesis.

Research Degrees Regulations 2016-17

Professional Doctorate Regulations 2016-17

PhD by Publication Regulations 2016-17

Higher Doctorate Regulations 2016-17

Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Joint Regulations

University Regulations Leaflet for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student

The leaflet below summarises the key elements contained in the University Regulations

Summary Regulations Leaflet for Students 2016-17

Summary of Changes to the University Regulations 2016-2017

The leaflet below details the main changes made to the suite of University Regulations for application in 2016-2017

Summary of Changes to University Regulations 2016-17

Archived Regulations