University Code of Ethics

University of Lincoln Code of Ethics

The University of Lincoln has developed this Code of Ethics to record the ways in which individuals at Lincoln, through their personal relationships, activities and conduct, create and sustain a community that exemplifies the University’s values.

The University of Lincoln’s Code of Ethics is a broad statement of the ethical principles, values and behaviours that govern relationships and actions (including a failure to act in appropriate circumstances) both within the University and between members of the University and parties external to the University.

The Code is also intended to assist staff to identify and resolve ethical issues that might arise in the course of their employment. It is designed to guide them in their dealings with colleagues, students, the University’s partners, third parties and stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics records are a set of general principles, rather than a series of detailed prescriptions. It complements and informs, but does not exclude or modify, the legal rights and duties of staff.

University Code of Ethics

If you have any queries that cannot be addressed through the information above or the University Code of Ethics, please contact the Governance and Compliance Team.