Board of Governors


The Board of Governors plays a central role in the strategic development and overall performance of the University. It has ultimate responsibility for defining the institution’s mission, educational character, and future direction, and for overseeing progress against the University’s strategic plan.

Board of Governors Membership

Board of Governors Primary Responsibilities

Board of Governors Code of Practice: Education Act 1994

Appointment of Staff Governor (For 1 August 2021)

The Board of Governors is seeking a Staff Governor in succession to Dr Karen Savage, whose term of office comes to an end on 31 July 2021. All members of staff are eligible to apply. The new appointee will take up the role on 1 August 2021.

Being the Staff Governor offers a unique opportunity to help shape the strategic direction of the University, and the achievement of its ambitions. This is a rewarding role, involving full participation in the governance of the institution and the collective oversight carried out by Governors and the Senior Leadership Team. Membership of the governing body will also offer a distinctive personal career development opportunity for the individual. Candidates for the role will be expected to demonstrate a real interest in and enthusiasm for the development of Lincoln as a leading 21st century University, and commitment to its staff and students and its institutional reputation.

All Governors, once appointed to the Board, have the same status, and do not act as representatives of any body or interest group. The Staff Governor serves on the Board as a full and equal member, and not as a spokesperson or delegate of the staff or any category of it, or the nominee of any group.  To emphasise this, the Board agrees that the staff member should be chosen in the same way as the Independent members, against the same role descriptor, and through application and appointment based on their ability to contribute to the work of the Governors.