Student Contention

The Secretariat is responsible for the management and administration of the University’s Regulations and procedures with respect to areas of student contention.

Academic Appeals

If you wish to dispute the decision of a Board of Examiners, you should initially raise concerns informally with individuals such as tutors, programme leaders, Academic Officers and staff in Student Services. Frequently, matters can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily in this way.

Under the University Regulations, you can formally pursue a dispute by requesting a Review and, if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, it may be an option to lodge an Appeal. Appeals may not be lodged unless the Review has been completed.

Further details, including the relevant forms, are available at Academic Reviews and Appeals.

Appeals Against Withdrawals For Student Non-Attendance

Information about appealing against withdrawals for student non-attendance, including forms and the relevant extract from the regulations are available at Appeals Against Withdrawals for Non-Attendance.

Academic Offences

Academic Offences are taken very seriously by the University, and may lead to significant penalties. Information on what constitutes an academic offence, and the consequences of committing an academic offence may be found at Academic Offences.

In addition to the standard University Regulations, all postgraduate research students are also subject to the University’s Code of Practice on Misconduct in Research. For full details see the Graduate School’s Research Degrees Handbook.

Student Complaints

The complaints procedure provide a means for you to channel complaints about:

  • the provision and delivery of academic programmes and related services;
  • any aspect of their experience at the University.

Before you begin formal proceedings we would encourage you firstly to try and resolve the issue informally, either by speaking directly with those concerned or with your personal tutor, programme leader or the Students’ Union. If an informal approach cannot settle the issue, only then should you begin formal proceedings.

Further details are available at Student Complaints.

 Student Conduct and Discipline

The Student Conduct and Discipline Regulations detail the procedure with respect to students accused of misconduct. Information about the different stages and the relevant extract from the regulations are available at Student Conduct and Discipline.

Privacy Notices

The Student Contention Processes – Privacy Notice explains more about how the University uses your personal information.